Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How shall I approach you?
The legal field being a very inter-personal field, it is best to request an appointment and come in person. By its nature legal matters do not have readymade solutions
2. Will you provide Online advice?
Yes, you can fill the inquiry form and send to us and one of our senior lawyers may reply.
3. Is there any charge for online advice?
Some times and not always, depending on the nature of case, the depth of research we may have to do and the time consumed in doing search and research for the concerned case.
4. I am not from India  will you come to my country and represent my case?
May depend on case to case.we are not averse to sending some advocate from our team.
5. I am not from Chandigarh, how can you support me legally?
Our team helps a lot of outstation clients by providing them with research and case laws.
6. How shall I get appointment from you?
You can send an email with the subject “Appointment required” or reach us through phone.
7. Do you have separate team for different practices?
Yes we have separate team who are specialized in their areas.
8. Which is the right time to call you?
Between 5.30 to 7.30 pm