Best Criminal lawyers in Chandigarh

Best Criminal lawyers in Chandigarh

The provisions for crime are set under Indian Penal Code (IPC), which is a list of crimes. Additionally, the Code of Criminal Crime is a guideline that tells the police and the court, on how to proceed with the prosecution and investigation. You can’t just take a person directly to the prison when he commits a crime. Also, there are different rule for young criminals. Indian criminal justice system operates in a different way than other countries, for that you need help of the Best Criminal lawyers in Chandigarh to know about the chances and limitations of the justice system.

Criminal lawyers in Chandigarh are playing an important role in the justice system. The city boasts the lowest crime rates in the country, however, a wide range of offences and crimes are mentioned in IPC and other similar Statutes  that makes the job for a criminal lawyer in Chandigarh important.

Facts about Indian Criminal Justice System

IPC came into force in the year 1862, before that there were no criminal lawyers in Chandigarh. The laws were determined by the rulers and some of the laws were also based on religious principles.

  1. IPC or Indian Penal code has provisions to determine criminal offences in the country. Now there are 500 sections in IPC, thereby criminal lawyers in Chandigarh and all the other parts of the country are always busy.
  2. IPC is based on the core principles of British law. Also, it was drafted after studying the French Penal Code and the Louisiana Code.

Code of Criminal Procedure

Code of Criminal Procedure defines different categories of the offences. The various categories are:

  • Bailable offence: Police grants bail in certain conditions for offences that come into this category.
  • Non-bailable offence: Only court can grant bail, which means help from the best criminal lawyer in Chandigarh would be required.
  • Cognizable offence:  Police officer can lodge an FIR Only for Cognizable offence and start Investigation without permission of court.
  • Non-cognizable offence: Police can arrest on the basis of a warrant.

Every criminal lawyer in Chandigarh is well aware of the aspects of Indian Criminal Justice System. If you need their professional guidance, you must find out those who are ahead of their peers.

How to find the best criminal lawyer in Chandigarh?

First of all, you need to determine what type of lawyer you need. They all specialize in different practice areas. Criminal lawyers must have good experience in dealing with such cases.

In Indian Criminal Justice System, you may need help from lawyers at different jurisdiction levels. So it is advised to pick the best people who have expertise in handling the cases at district courts, high courts and even supreme courts.

A criminal lawyer in Chandigarh knows very well about the skill and reputation of his fellow lawyers. So it is beneficial to ask other lawyers about the one you are thinking of. Besides, you can read the Google reviews and ask for personal recommendations to find the Best Criminal lawyers in Chandigarh.